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Seth Adams is a comic book artist, illustrator, writer and storyboard artist.


He works with mixed media, both traditionally and digitally. 


With over 25 years experience working in the entertainment industry, Seth believes that “story” runs the world and that his mission is to serve in helping people tell the best and most creative stories possible. 


Seth’s clients and collaborators have included: Disney, Marvel, Upper Deck, ABC, Universal Studios, Dreamworks, Amazon Publishing, Image Comics, Source Point Press and The New York Times. He is the co-creator and artist for comic books, "Goth: Young Lovers at War and Snow Owl: A Horror Story. He has worked with Oscar, Emmy and Pulitzer Prize winning artists and craftsmen and is waiting “patiently” for his own prestigious awards to arrive, thank you very much.


Seth currently serves as the Head of APAC Production at The Candy Studio.


Singapore Comic Con
Dec 07-08, 2024
Location: Marina Bay Sands, SG

Asia Comics Expo 
February 15-16 , 2025
Location : Suntec Hall 404, SG


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